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The neutron electric dipole moment measurement

A next generation measurement of the electric dipole
moment of the neutron at the FRM-II

At the FRM-II we are currently setting up a next generation experiment to measure the time reversal invariance violating electric dipole moment of the neutron with a sensitivity of 1E-28 ecm, corresponding to a 100 times improvement of the previous result.

The groups currently working at the experiment are
AG Biomagnetismus at PTB Berlin
Doug Beck's group at UIUC
Tim Chupp's group at UMich
The Fierlinger group at the Excellence-Cluster "Universe" in Garching
S. Paul's group at the physics department of the TU München
Brian Patton at the Budker Group at UC Berkeley
The FRM-II neutron source and the laboratory for ultra-cold neutrons at the FRM-II

You can contact us via the spokespeople: P. Fierlinger & S. Paul

Other next generation installations with similar goals are being built:
- at ILL (by the currently leading group in this field)
- at KEK
- by the PNPI-ILL collaboration
- at PSI
- at the SNS

The experiment is an integral part of the newly established laboratory for physics with ultra-cold neutrons (UCN) at the FRM-II neutron source. Our efforts receive support from the TU München, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft via the Priority Program SPP 1491 "Precision experiments in particle- and astrophysics with cold and ultracold neutrons" (neutron-spp.de) and the German Excellence Initiative via the Excellence Cluster EXC 153.

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